Overview infraMAP® Cloud Created FOR Field Crews, BY Field Crews

infraMAP® Software is a Cloud-Based Maintenance Management System that allows seamless data collection and digital record keeping for historical purposes. Originally designed to
reduce overtime, eliminate paperwork, and make everyone’s job easier, the program has
been perfected by the field personnel that use it every day. infraMAP Software has evolved
into the most powerful, user-friendly asset mapping tool on the planet.

This easy-to-use software is geared toward field crews and does not require GIS experience.  Bringing together Field Crews, Management, GIS and Engineering into a commercial off the shelf product.

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  • Configure forms for any workflow

  • Control Wachs valve machines in real-time

  • Manage tasks and crews

  • Create reports and export data at anytime

Features & Benefits

  • Simple & Powerful

    Simple, yet powerful interface is easy to learn and use

  • Configured to You

    Flexible database and complete control of the system by end user

  • Exact Location

    GPS automatically moves the map to your exact location

  • Your Drawings

    Bring up your as-built drawings by clicking on the map

  • Update and View

    Update assets from out in field and view maintenance history

  • Record Data

    Record data directly from all Wachs automated valve equipment

  • Calculate

    Automatically calculate workflows like fire flow tests, flushing gallons used, water loss on leaks and more

  • Directions

    Get turn-by turn driving directions to any asset or address

  • Take Notes

    Make notes and updates to the map with the Redline tool

  • Assign Work

    Assign tasks to be performed on assets in real-time

  • Automate Tasks

    Configure reoccurring tasks to automate workflows

  • Work History

    View maintenance history and lifecycle status of assets out in the field

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