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Valve Maintenance

Distribution valve maintenance is critical to ensure that your water system is in good condition.  Buried, frozen, or difficult valves can have a huge impact on emergency response.  An iWater, Inc., valve exercising program is an effective way to check the status of your entire distribution system, while complying with Department of Health mandates.  We provide a full service solution to GPS locate, clean, operate, verify condition, provide detailed reports, and integrate with any database out there.  iWater’s crew leads are DHS grade D2 or higher and capture field data using infraMAP® software to guarantee an unprecedented level of quality control.

Features and Benefits

  • Projects are always completed on-time and within budget.
  • Professional, uniformed field personnel receive weekly safety training.
  • Vehicles are outfitted with vacuums, hydraulics, and safety lighting.
  • Information is collected on computers running infraMAP.
  • Crew leads are certified DHS Grade D2 or higher.
  • Valves are worked up and down to guarantee smooth operation.
  • Out of service assets are immediately identified and documented.
  • iWater staff can make on-site repairs when needed.
  • Detailed project maps and reports can be delivered in any format.
  • Additional iWater support and assistance is always available.

Hydrant Maintenance

Fire Hydrant Maintenance is a very important asset in any water system. As a crucial asset that is expected to work all the time, maintenance on these hydrants cannot be overlooked. iWater, Inc., distribution certified field crews can assist with your fire hydrant maintenance needs. From simple operation of opening the ports to clear the stack, checking static psi and flow rates to full maintenance of a hydrant, we have you covered. With over 15 years of providing hydrant maintenance service, iWater can help utilities save money on replacement, improve water quality through unidirectional flushing (UDF) and documentation for your GIS.

Features and Benefits

  • Get Real-World locations of hydrants and hydrant valves.
  • Services include GPS, maintenance, repair, painting and flushing.
  • Ability to provide UDF of a water system and flushing plans.
  • Updates to your Esri GIS data.
  • Immediate notification of hydrant leaks and valves.
  • iWater lead GPS technicians are DHS grade 2 or higher.
  • Information is collected on tablets running infraMAP software.
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