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Data Collection

Knowing exactly where an asset is located is critical during an emergency. So why rely on outdated maps and data that don’t tell you where your infrastructure is?

iWater, Inc., GPS crews make it their business to locate, assess, and document any asset within your system. Our crews are certified by DHS and know how a water system works. iWater’s partnership with Trimble Navigation allows us to achieve the most accurate real-time GPS positions using the most advanced equipment on the planet. So if an asset gets paved over, buried, or forgotten about, you’ll know where it’s hiding.

Features and Benefits

  • Get real-world coordinates for your assets.
  • Know what is really out there with field verification.
  • Give your GIS and maps true positional accuracy.
  • Get a full visual status report of all surveyed facilities.
  • You will be notified about hydrant leaks and buried valves.
  • System shutdowns can be performed quickly and efficiently.
  • Our GPS crews are field trained to understand a water system.
  • iWater lead GPS technicians are DHS grade 2 or higher.
  • Our professional GPS team can take on any project large or small.
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