Las Vegas Valley Water District


infraMAP® Field Crew Software Implementation

  • Enterprise SDE Integration (Oracle)
  • Hydraulic Valve Machine Interface (TM-7)
  • Custom Toolset Development
  • infraMAP Field Mobile Interface


Las Vegas Valley Water District is located in Clark County, Nevada, and has the following attributes:

  • Over 1 million customers
  • Over 100,000 system valves
  • Over 30,000 fire hydrants
  • Over 4,500 miles of water distribution pipeline

Previously, LVVWD was using a server-based GIS system for their field force. The system was dependent on cellular communication to access the maps which proved to be slow and unreliable. The system was also cumbersome and difficult to use.

The District’s existing GIS data was used to load into the infraMAP software. Map symbology and extents were easily ported over to maintain a consistent look and feel of the original system.

The Valve Monitoring System allowed the District to connect their Wachs TM-7 hydraulic valve machine directly to infraMAP software. Details such as turns, direction, position, and torque could now be recorded and stored directly into the geodatabase.

Data is synchronized to the District’s Oracle ArcSDE database. With the click of a button, field crews can send their inspection and torque data to the main GIS server and download everyone else’s changes back to their mobile computers.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District is also able to maximize field crew efficiency with infraMAP’s vast array of functionality. infraMAP redline tool allows for easy communication with GIS staff to identify issues. Location and routing tools provide simple navigation to any address or asset within the District. infraMAP pipeline tracing can also be performed to identify critical valves for more efficient shutdowns.

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