City of Menomonie


Field crews working in the Wisconsin City of Menomonie fill out paperwork each day for inspections and general work. Countless hours each day were being consumed by making sure the paperwork was filled out correctly and turned in to office staff for record keeping. With efficiency becoming more critical and the four seasons that Wisconsin incurs, paper was just not cutting it for Menomonie.


CAD data was the only digital data that Menomonie had to work with. So with a little hard work the CAD data was converted into an Esri® Geodatabase. Both iWater® and HD Supply® Waterworks staff worked with City stakeholders to design digital forms in the infraMAP® Form Designer. Key input came from the field crews to configure infraMAP software around their needs and managers were able to configure the reports based on internal, county and state requirements.



The City of Menomonie is now operating in a fully digital environment thus reducing city-wide staff time. Supervisors can take advantage of the Reporting Tool to see how Crews are progressing.  GIS, IT and Office staff also benefit from the straightforward software deployment, centralized data management and ease of administration. Field Crews get what they want, an easy to use application that was designed for field crews by field crews.

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