Overview Changing the GIS Solution Standards

iWater, Inc., offers unique services to the water/wastewater/storm water and gas/electrical
industries. iWater’s goal is to provide customers with real-world information about their GIS
and utility infrastructure. The company integrates scheduled maintenance with GIS data
collection to offer an extremely low-cost data conversion.

iWater has been helping utilities across North America since 2000. The Distribution
Certified field crews can help a utility determine the true operational status of its system. By
field verifying and operating valves, hydrants, manholes, inlets, etc, iWater can determine
not only if these features exist but also if they work correctly.

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Our Products

infraMAP Field

infraMAP Field is the original product that put iWater on the MAP and set the tone for where we are today…

infraMAP Manager

infraMAP Manager is the administrators central point of configuration. Our unique application allows for highly configurable solutions …

infraMAP NOW

infraMAP NOW is your New Online Workflow solution. Bringing data you need, when you need it, NOW

infraMAP Plus

infraMAP Plus products are interfaces to 3rd party business applications for the use in the field or office setting…

Our Services Servicing North America Since 2000

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